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Solar PV

Why Choose Solar PV Panels?    
Savings: Reduced electricity bills
Environmentally friendly: Reduced carbon emissions
Investment: Increases the value of the home/building
Improvement: Improves your Building Energy Rating (BER)
Convenience: The system will automatically generate electricity when the sun shines

About our Solar PV Panels
Solar panel type: Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and thin film modules
Manufacturers: Trina Solar and Solar Frontier

Why choose our solar PV panels
Complete transparency about our solar PV panel performance.
We will show you the actual yearly performance data for our solar panels.
Our solar panels are SEAI registered and can be found on the SEAI's HARP database
Our solar panels have an efficiency of 75%, which is one of the highest efficiencies on the market
Each system designed to meet your specific requirements
Solar grants available through SEAI's Better Energy Homes Scheme

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